Monday, January 30, 2012

Royalty And Fee Sources For Songwriters

icewater dollar image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blog
Here's a great post from the Songtrust blog that comes by way of Ariel Hyatt's Cyber PR. It lists 30 possible sources of income for songwriters. Here are just two of the categories:

Performance Royalties
1. TV (royalties are paid by the TV station for the broadcast of a show, film or commercial with your music on it. This is not to be confused with the actual placement of your songs in TV, film or commercials which is a sync royalty.)
2. Radio
3. Live venues
4. Restaurants
5. Bars
6. Movie theaters
7. Elevator music services
8. Supermarkets
9. Clothing stores
10. Gyms
11. When your music is sampled 
12. Jukebox
Mechanical Royalties
13. Ringtones / ringbacks
14. Recorded cover songs
15. Record sales
16. Film soundtracks
17. Karaoke recordings 
18. Greeting cards
You can see the other 3 categories of songwriter income by going directly to the article on the Songtrust blog.

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