Thursday, December 8, 2011

Google + Still Growing

Google+ Followers image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blog
Google + is growing like a weed. Every week it seems to gain more and more users at the expense of Facebook. Usage there is still high, although most people have only so much time for networking, so time spent on Google + means that a little less time is spent on Facebook.

That being said, now is the time to make you presence felt on Google +. As my friend and social media maven Ariel Hyatt states on her excellent post "The Musician's Guide To Google +", musicians just can't avoid the network any longer because of the following reasons:
"1. Google + pages rank very highly (if not #1) in Google searches.
This is incredibly important for any emerging musician trying to establish an online presence, as it will almost instantly increase your visibility. Even if you are still too obscure for your Facebook Fan Page or your personal website to appear towards the top of a Google search, a Google + page will almost instantly rank towards the very top.

2. Google + is the fastest growing social network in history.

Of course it is! Google is already such a dominant force that anything they introduce can grow, and fast. So it is no surprise that Google +, introduced in July of 2011, received 20 million visits in the first 21 days of its existence. As of September 2011,
Google + was up to 25 million registered members, which is still infantile compared to Facebook which is somewhere in the range of 750 million registered members. But if Google + can continue to grow at it’s current rate, it may be able to give Facebook a real run for the money.

3. Google + has already shown to be a powerful tool for musicians.

Within the first weeks of the Google + launch, a singer/ songwriter named Daria Musk took advantage of some of the FREE Google + features, namely Google Hangouts, to host a virtual concert to hundreds of fans and new listeners."
You can read the rest of this great Cyber PR post here. In the meantime, the chart on the left indicates the most followed Google + users. I guess it shouldn't be a big surprise that Britney Spears narrowly nudges out Google CEO Larry Page. Nor is it that "spiritual advisor" Snoop Dog is at number 3. What really is a surprise that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is number 4.

Which brings us back to why you should be on Google +. You can never be on this list unless you join.
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Kristian Jackson said...

I've been using G+ for a while now. I really love it. My only issue with it is that it's still at the "yet another social network" stage. Until the API is released and taken up by the social network clients, I have to copy and paste anything I want to share. I'm a big proponent of tailoring your message to the relevant audience so it does make sharing on G+ a lot more difficult.

The other issue is that I started on G+ with a personal page via my personal Google account as they weren't supporting Google App domains at the start. Naturally this means I've built up circles using an account that I don't generally use for that purpose. I created a brand page when that feature came out, but that's painful to post to unless you're using the desktop version. I'm confused as to how they could get some things so right, and some basic functionality so wrong. G+ is a sandbox at the moment, and therein lies its greatest fault.

Bobby Owsinski said...

I do the same thing, Kristian, and agree with your points.


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