Monday, June 6, 2011

The Booking Info Section Of Your Website

Dave Cool posted an interesting article over on the other day about "How To Get A Booking Agent To Book Your Band." While all the information is good, I especially liked the part about adding a section on your website called "Booking Info" or "Book My Band."

As I've advocated here and in my Music 3.0 book many times, your website should be the center of your online universe, with all social media pointing back to it. That doesn't mean it should be for fans only, there's a B2B (business to business) element to it as well, and that's providing an agent or promoter all the info and tools needed to make a decision on whether to book you or not. Here's what the article suggested.
If you’re generating some buzz in your local scene, make sure that if an agent does check out your band that you have the right information on your website for them to see. Create a “Book My Band” section on your website, which would be similar to an online press kit, but it would include things like:
  • Statistics about the # of newsletter subscribers you have, Facebook fans and Twitter followers
  • Average attendance for your shows: are you regularly selling out 50-seat venues? 100-seat venues? Put that information somewhere on the page.
  • Mention which markets you play in
  • Have a photo gallery with lots of good quality live pics (any photos that include crowds in packed venues are a bonus)
  • Post good quality live videos (good video quality, good audio quality, packed rooms, minimal talking. Audience sing-a-longs are a bonus!)
  • Stage plot
  • Set list
  • Quotes from media that mention your live show
  • Quotes from venue bookers
  • Quotes from fans about your live shows
Other than that, you should always blog about your live shows. Talk about the turnout, the crowd reaction, and post plenty of pics and live video whenever you can. All of this will help create the impression that you’re a hard-working band that takes their live shows seriously.

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