Tuesday, June 7, 2011

8 Essential Facebook Promotion Tips

Jennifer Moire wrote a great post on the essential Hypebot blog a while back that outlined the 8 tricks for publicists using Facebook. I changed the title because I think that it applies to anyone promoting on Facebook, not only publicists, but the body of the post is the same. This is some really valuable info that can be useful immediately if you use Facebook as a promotional tool (which you should be doing).
A rash of recent social media conferences inspired us to compile these tips to help public relations professionals get the most out of the social media site.

  • Thursday is the best day of the week to get the most visibility for a Facebook post.
  • When sharing stories, include the full link on Facebook — that’s 300 percent more likely to get clicked on than any shortened address.
  • Use both the like and send Facebook buttons on your site.
  • Want the secret behind making it into your friends’ “top news” feed? It’s based on an algorithm known as Edge Rank. Use words like “today,” and “limited-time only,” to increase its Edge Rank.
  • According to a recent study from Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, Facebook is among the leading drivers of traffic to 21 news web sites. So when sharing a good media story, don’t forget to leverage the leading social network.
  • Want to know which words are most “shareable” on Facebook? Try words like “best,” “most,” and those that explain, such as “why,” and “how.”
  • Facebook may be a better platform for making a video go viral than other social media platforms, probably because the site makes it easy to embed multimedia content into a post.
There's a lot of great information available via the links, so take a look at those as well.
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1 comment:

Chris Rockett said...

Hey Bobby, that's the 3rd time I've heard about "edge ranking" in one day.

I bet there will be a whole heap of courses out soon called "Edge Rank Domination" or something similar ;-)

Great post, I picked up a lot from this.

- chris


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