Sunday, April 10, 2011

Josh Freese' Multi-Tiered Packages

Devo and session drummer Josh Freese made lots of headlines (including a few mentions here) a couple years ago with his very amusing multi-tiered music package. If you recall, his album Since 1972 had a variety of very humorous packages available from anywhere from $7 up to $75,000.

Josh has done it again with a new EP called My New Friends, and once again, the packages begin with a simple $5 digital download and become a lot more interesting, and funnier, from there. For instance, at $50 you get a "Thank You" phone call from Josh and a bumper sticker. At $125 you get all three of his CDs plus a set of signed drum sticks, a copy of his fifth grade report card, and a boarding pass from one of his past flights.

He has four different $7,500 packages (one that's already sold), one for $10k, and finally a $75,000 deluxe package where Josh joins your band for a month, you get one of his drum kits, he writes a 5 song EP entirely about you, you and Josh take shrooms and cruise Hollywood in Danny from Tool's Lamborgini, and you and Josh get matching outfits from Tommy Bahama's.

Now it's easier for Josh to reach people than most artists because he's played in some great bands and therefore, has a somewhat high profile, not to mention a great sense of humor, but the example here is how much he thinks out of the box.

Instead of just offering his music in various formats, he makes almost every purchase an event. In doing so, he also makes it newsworthy (we're talking about it right now), which elevates Josh's awareness. Use Josh as an example - think outside the box, offer your fans a variety of packages, and make your music an event. Check out Josh's packages here.


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Ivo Siemonsmeier said...

I wanted to listen to some songs from this ep. I wasn´t able to do this. What about the accoustic happening?
I´d rather pay for outstanding in-the-box-thinking musicians than for one guy who comes up with a comedianlike approach to sell his music.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys check out drummer Josh Freese's interview


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