Sunday, February 6, 2011

How Much Does An Artist Really Make?

Here's an interesting chart from that shows how many units (either physical or digital) an artist has to sell in order to make the minimum wage of $1,160 per month. In other words, this is what you have to sell just to make the same amount as flipping burgers at Micky D's.

There are quite of few of the following numbers that I have a problem with, most notably the album download and retail CD figures (they're lower than they should be), but the general gist of the graphic is correct, which is that you have to sell a massive amount of digital product for it to amount to anything.

Keep in mind that most artists make their income from a combination of all the categories on the chart, so  the end result is not quite as dire as the graphic makes it seem.

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How Much Do Music Artists Really Earn Online?

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Dr Sean said...

And with your average band consisting of four members, you'd have to produce four times the above results so everyone involved could make minimum wage. Great info, thanks for posting this!

chuck said...

They forgot to list the self released album download for some reason. That is our primary source of recorded revenue.


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