Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Best Day Of The Week For Email Marketing?

What's the best day of the week to send your email newsletter? This is a critical decision because if you send it on the wrong day, you'll have fewer of your fans open it. Why? Usually because the timing is bad and their attention is on something else. That's why you want to be sure to pick the right day.

Like record releases, I've always felt that Tuesday was the best day to release or send anything. It's usually a slow news day, everyone is over the rush and pent up obligations that Monday brings, and you're not caught up in the business craziness that grows ever crazier as the week progresses.

That being said, I recently found an article on a site called that analyzes every day of the week as a potential email day. The article drew no conclusions but did give a compelling argument for almost every day except the weekend. Here's an excerpt (by the way, I'll still stick with Tuesday).

Pros: After a long weekend, many email users make it a priority to organize their inboxes. This means there is a good chance that they will run across your message and open it.
Cons: Some consumers in the workforce don’t have the time or access to email during the day.
Recommended Approach: Send email late in the morning, preferably just before lunch, as this is when they are more likely to have the time to check their inbox.

Pros: By now, many consumers have organized their work week and have a little extra time to devote to checking their inbox.
Cons: Campaigns aiming for recipients to take action over the weekend may trigger responses too early.
Recommended Approach: Make sure all the messages you send on Tuesday are designed to convince the recipient to react during the week.

Pros: People are preparing for the weekend and how they will spend their personal time.  On these two days, they often have a little extra time to spend in their inbox.
Cons: There is still business that needs to be handled and only two days left to get it done. Depending on the recipient, they may hold your message off until next week, or forget about it altogether.
Recommended Approach: Keep your marketing message friendlier and less aggressive as subscribers plan their time off.

Pros: People tend to receive less email on Friday, which in turn, increases the visibility of your message.
Cons: By the time Friday rolls around, some consumers are in such a rush, they may automatically ignore any email that doesn’t pertain to the job.
Recommended Approach: Send your message early in the day so the recipient has more time to read it and take action.

Pros: Believe it or not, people do check their inboxes on the weekend.  This factor gives your marketing message unlimited potential.
Cons: By sending business emails on Saturday or Sunday, you run the risk of coming off as too intrusive and annoy your subscribers.
Recommended Resolution: Try to avoid sending email on Saturday and Sunday.  If you must, limit your mailings to subscribers who are the most responsive on these particular days.
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