Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Booking Gigs With Live Music Machine

Artists can do so much online these days. Thanks to the Music 3.0 world we live in, artists and bands can directly communicate, market, and sell directly to their fans, which is the definition of Music 3.0 itself.

The only thing missing in the whole scenario was being able to book gigs, which is maybe the most critical aspect of any band's survival. If you're not playing in front of fans, you can't easily expand your audience, you can't make much money, and you can't feel good about yourself as a musician.

Now comes a way for bands to get gigs online with a services called Live Music Machine. I can't vouch for how effective it is, but I do know that something like this is much needed and important.

I was turned onto Live Music Machine in an interesting post on the Musicians Wages blog. Here's the excerpt from that post regarding the service.

Live Music Machine is an online booking tool that enables anyone to book a band anywhere. The band puts the Live Music Machine widget on their website and social networking sites, and talent buyers or even fans can easily see the bands availability and booking requirements before making a booking request. Once a gig is booked, both parties are charged a $10 fee for using the service.
This service brilliantly streamlines the booking process. The most difficult issue of booking shows is simply communication. Live Music Machine presents talent buyers, bookers, and fans with all the information they need to know before they even contact the band. Once a request is made, the band simply reviews, accepts, or rejects the offer. No miscommunications, no unanswered questions.
Live Music Machine Highlights:
  1. The widget is a complete calendar system, making it easy to post your shows wherever you put the widget.
  2. Bands can post their requirements up front, so potential bookers know exactly what the band costs for a show, how far they will travel, backline requirements, and even their rider.
  3. Fan generated bookings. Fans can make offers to book your band directly, or Live Music Machine can connect them with other fans and venues in their area that are also interested in booking you.
  4. Other LMM features will help you sell tickets and promote the show.
  5. Get paid securely with GigPay.
Learn more at the Live Music Machine FAQ.
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