Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5 Superb Social Media Tools For Musicians

Zach Pentel recently created an interesting post over at Mashable called "5 Superb Social Media Tools For Musicians."

You can read the post for more details, but here's what he suggested:

1) Improve your Facebook Page with ReverbNation’s MyBand. MyBand allows your page to be more unique than the standard Facebook fan page.

2) Share Songs on Twitter with Twiturm. Twiturm lets artists and band share their songs right on Twitter without sending someone off to another site like MySpace.

3) Reward Increased Engagement with FanBridge. FanBridge does one of the things that I've been advocating in my Music 3.0 book, allows you to engage your fans from a single place. Makes your online life easy.

4) Build and Share a Digital Album Package with BandCamp. BandCamp is a publishing platform that goes beyond streaming and allows you to create a self-contained package.

5) Measure It All with Band Metrics. You don't know how well your doing until you can measure and Band Metrics is a measurement tool designed especially for artists and bands.

Check out Zach's post and check out Mashable, which is a great aggregator of all things social.

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