Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What Do People Listen To On Their Smartphones?

Smartphone listening imageEdison Research recently completed a study on smartphone usage and discovered that the listening habits of users isn't quite what we believed it to be. in fact, the results were pretty surprising.
  • 54% listened to a radio channel
  • 16% listened to music they own
  • 15% listened to Pandora or other radio-like streaming services
  • 7% listen to Sirius XM
  • 5% to TV music channels
  • 2% listen to podcasting
Heavy listeners (those defined by listening to 2 hours or more per day) have a slightly different consumption pattern.
  • 43% listen to music they've downloaded and own
  • 37% listen to streaming audio
  • 9% listen to AM/FM radio
  • 7% listen to podcasts
Finally, 87% of adults from 18 to 34 never let their smartphones leave their sides.

All that said, we're under the impression that the listening world belongs to exclusively to streaming, but that's far from the case, according to the study. While radio listening and downloads may be dropping, they're still a vital portion of our listening day.

1 comment:

Conrad Buck said...

Interesting but "54% listened to a radio channel" as in an FM/A channel? I assumed this was meant to be a streaming service playlist but then see 15% listened to a radio-like streaming service.

How how are these 54% accessing radio on their smartphones? Radio channel app? TuneIn?

I'm very surprised more than 3 times the people listen to radio than a streaming service or their own music.


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