Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Best Way To Live Stream To Multiple Platforms

Joicaster imageLive Streaming is becoming an important part of an artist's social repertoire, but until now it was limited to one platform like YouTube or Ustream. Wouldn't it be great if there was a service like OneLoad where you could upload your video to multiple services from one platform?

It turns out there is and it's called Joicaster.

Joicaster allows you to stream to up to 67 live streaming platforms that range from popular ones like YouTube and DailyMotion, to gaming (Twitch, Hitbox), New Media (StreamUp, Roku), Sports (CBS Interactive, TheCube), Faith (StreamingFaith, SundayStreams), Production (MakeTV, SnappyTV) and CDN (Akami, Amazon Media Services).

The service features a simple dashboard that allows you to stream your high-definition broadcast to one or more platforms, and provides chat, social sharing and live analytics as well.

There's actually a free plan that allows up to 4 concurrent streams, with the paid plans providing more streams and features. They start at $4 to $30 per month, with a custom enterprise plan also possible.

If you're into live streaming, check out Joicaster to help you expand your audience.

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