Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Greacenote Automatically Sets Your Playback EQ

Dynamic EQ imageThe "Internet of Things" has everything in our lives connected, and while that might make it OK for your toaster to talk to your refrigerator, there are some things that many music listeners consider sacred.

That's why there's some initial backlash over Gracenote's new Dynamic EQ, which automatically shapes the EQ in your car for each song that the app detects.

This is actually a complicated piece of technology that measures everything in a song from frequency bands, beat density, tempo and 170 other factors, then assigns an EQ profile to it. These profiles are assigned to "buckets," or groups of 10 to 100 prominent recordings within a genre to determine a target EQ profile, which is then fine-tuned per song.

Gracenote's in-car software operates as a layer above the app that plays the music, so the EQ can be applied to any song coming from any source, such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

While this interesting piece of technology might be cool on the face of it, I still prefer to set my own EQ. The last thing I want is it changing with each song. Then again, I'm not the average listener, so Dynamic EQ may indeed be a welcome part of the future of listening.

What do you think?

1 comment:

John Larson said...

if they made it optional, it would be a good thing.


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