Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Extras That Entice CD Buyers

Extras That Entice CD Buyers
Everyone knows that if you're music doesn't connect, then nothing else matters, but a British study (which I also quoted yesterday) has found that certain extras offered with CDs really make a difference when it comes to making a sale.

As this chart below shows, there are various extras that streaming listeners take into account before purchasing a CD, including (in order of importance):
  • Exclusive tracks not found anywhere else
  • Making the disc a limited edition (i.e. #59 of 500)
  • Cover artwork designed by the artist
  • Priority booking of gig or concert tickets
  • Discounted or bundled merch
  • Exclusive access to online content
  • Membership in a fan community

If you're not including any of these extras with your CDs, now's the time to do so, since your potential customers are expecting one or more along with their piece of round plastic.

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