Thursday, August 27, 2015

Survey Finds The Music That Label Execs Hate

Lady Gaga running a record label image
Billboard Magazine just conducted an anonymous survey of label execs and the results are interesting, to put it mildly.
  • Taylor Swift is the artist that most would like to sign if just starting a label, followed by Lady Gaga and Adele.
  • Speaking of Gaga, she was named the artist that isn't running a label but should be.
  • 62% said they had a better handle on technology than the average 14 year old (I don't know if that's something to be proud of or not).
  • 54% said that they'd take a job with Apple or Spotify if the money was the same as what they're making.
  • 71% said Jay-Z's Tidal streaming service would last less than a year.
  • 58% of execs admit that the music industry is unfair to artists.
  • There was one topic that was a little surprising. When asked which type of music they hated the most, Rap/hip-hop was #1, followed by EDM and pop.
The survey also asked a few gossipy questions that had many execs up in arms, the most salacious being "Who do you believe, Kesha or Dr. Luke?" Kesha has taken legal action against Dr. Luke (her longtime producer) accusing him of a variety of sexually related charges.

So there you have it, a short but interesting look into the psyche of the executives running the music business today.

1 comment:

Rand said...

Perfect example of why the current state of the music business is the way it is - confusing.

Taylor Swift - artist most would like to sign.
Rap/hip-hop, EDM and pop - which type of music they hated the most.

Makes sense...


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