Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How Many Hashtags?

Twitter hashtags image
Hashtags are such a successful feature with Twitter that other social networks have adopted them. They're great as a resource for finding topical posts fast, at least on Twitter. On other networks, not so much. This was the case with Linkedin, who experimented with them for a while before giving up.

There's been a lot of study on effective hashtag use in terms of the number that can be effectively used. Here's the latest.
Twitter - 2 hashtags work best, with the amount of engagement decreasing with the more you add. That said, there's 100 % more engagement if you use them, and tweets with them are more likely to be retweeted as well. Remember not to trivialize your hashtag, since they're best used to categorize a tweet. 
Facebook - It's been found that hashtags actually decrease engagement. Don't use them. 
Instagram - Contrary to all other networks, the more you use, the better since on Instagram, hashtags are used primarily to build community. 11 hashtags or more get the most engagement. 
Pinterest - Once again, it's been found that hashtags actually decrease engagement. Stay away from them here.
One thing to remember is that they now turn up in a Google search and many people do search for them, so they're worth using.

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