Wednesday, April 8, 2015

At Least For Now The Album Makes A Comeback

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The album has taken quite a beating for the last few years, as more and more music consumers gravitate to single songs instead. Last year's total album sales, which counts CD, digital and vinyl formats, dropped 11.2% from the previous year, according to the RIAA. Even digital albums weren't immune, dropping 9.4% as well.

The good news is that at least for one quarter, the album's decline has seen an abrupt turnaround, with digital albums up 2.8%, and overall sales down just 1.8% in quarter 1 of 2015, according to Nielsen Music.

Why the change? Many have pointed to Drake's digital-only album release, If You're Reading This It's Too Late, as a possible impetus for the album sales uptick.

Other's think that the increase can be partially attributed to vinyl's continued resurrection, with sales up yet another 52% over the first quarter of last year at 2.77 million units. The problem with that theory is that the format's impact on total album sales is still minor at less than 5% of sales. See more on Forbes.

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