Monday, March 30, 2015

People Are Listening To Pandora Less

Pandora Interent Radio image
A recent study has found that people are listening to Pandora less, which is not good news for the beleaguered streaming service. The NuVoodoo Ratings Prospect Study found that there are multiple reasons for people listening less. They are:
  • There are more listening choices
  • Pandora become too predictable over time
  • It's boring
  • They can't skip enough songs
  • Too many songs I don't like
  • The commercials are annoying
  • They miss hosts
  • There's no local information available
The last two points are interesting because it's been found that the people who like Pandora the most are the ones that are regular broadcast radio listeners as well.

There are those that like Pandora more than broadcast radio though, mostly because:
  • The music is better than broadcast radio
  • A wider range of music is available
  • There are no hosts or DJs interrupting
  • Fewer commercials than broadcast radio
Probably the biggest thing to hurt Pandora is the fact that there's just a lot more competition than there was before. The service still has the largest user base of any of the streaming services at over 70 million, but it looks like it's growth has leveled off recently. As a result, Pandora has to fight more than ever to keep the listeners it has.

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