Monday, February 9, 2015

Youtube Experimenting With Multiple Camera Angles

YouTube multiple camera angles image
Artists that post frequent videos to YouTube will be interested to learn that the service rolled out an experimental feature that allows the viewer to be able to chose from multiple camera angles when watching a video.

When implemented on your video, the viewer can select the desired camera angle via a list of thumbnails on the right side of the video as shown on the graphic. The tool shows up under a special "Choose Your View" tab.

Here's an example of how the feature works using a live performance of indie artist Madilyn Bailey.

YouTube expects this feature to be used only on live events right now, although it would be interesting what could happen during a normal edited music video. There are some downsides, however, in that each camera angle eats up more bandwidth, and you can only stream a single angle from a mobile device at the moment.

Remember, this feature is still just being tested, so everyone can't access it yet, and you have to be in the US as well. That said, many artists might not even be interested unless they regularly work with multiple cameras shoots to begin with, but it's cool that YouTube is still pushing the envelope by adding new features.

If you're into trying it, here are YouTube's instructions for encoding multiple camera angles, and you can sign up to use it here.

1 comment:

Peter McDonald said...

Look quite cool. would be advantageous if they can get rid of the buffering when changing the camera angle, the audio stuttering for a moment detracts from the experience.

Cool feature though.


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