Friday, February 13, 2015

5 Snapchat Secrets

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Snapchat has 100 million monthly active users and most of them (71%) are under 25 years old, with 77% of college students using the service daily. There are over 400 million snaps sent every day, but very few know how to use them for promotion, since only about 1% of marketers even attempt to do so.

Recently Snapchat has added a number of features that can help expose you to a brand new audience. Here are 5 secrets to Snapchat success from social media pro Gary Vaynerchuk.

1. Make emojis huge. After you've taken your snap, type in an emoji, then tap the big T button in the top corner. You can drag it anywhere on the screen.

2. Find the hidden colors. Snapchat limits the number of colors in a snap but you can bring out one that's hidden just by dragging your finger to the left and bottom of the screen to open up a rainbow palette.

3. Use the geofilters. Swipe to the right while filtering to see the location appear.

4. Replay your snaps. Thought they disappeared right away, didn't you? You can replay the last snap you viewed once during the day, but it has to be the last one. Enable reply in your settings first.

5. Cross-promote. Save your photo after you take a snap so that you can post it to your other social accounts as well.

If your audience is on Snapchat, that's where you should be too, and these 5 tips will help you reach them faster.

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