Wednesday, February 4, 2015

5 Common Tactics Of Live-Music Sponsorship

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Every artist or band wants a sponsorship, even on a local level, but they're usually hard to come by. That's because most potential sponsors aren't aware of the many ways to utilize a sponsorship, and neither is the act.

Group M Entertainment and Sports Partnerships, the world's largest media buying firm, discovered during a 12 month study of 2,000 people spanning all age groups that 44% of concert goers are more likely to respond to a brand that sponsors a show compared to 38% at a sporting event. The only problem is that most brands aren't as familiar with music as they are of other "passion points" like sports.

That said, there are 5 tactics that a brand can use to sponsor an artist or band:

1. Pre-sale promotion
2. Ticket promotions
3. VIP/on-site hospitality
4. On-site sampling
5. Social media messaging

These apply to just about any kind of sponsorship, even for a local band. For instance, if you get a local clothing store to sponsor you, you can have their name on all tickets, their promotional material and banners can be available during meet and greets and after-parties, or they can have some of their clothing at the venue for attendees to check out. Of course, having them utilize their social media to promote the show and vice-versa the band promoting the store, could also be utilized.

By offering a variety of alternatives, you're more likely find sponsorship than just asking to hang a banner behind the band.

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