Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pandora Releases Data To Musicians

Pandora AMP data image
Pandora AMP data
Pandora takes a lot of heat for the royalties that it pays, so it's trying to make up for it by launching what it calls the Artist Marketing Platform, or AMP for short, which provides extensive analytics not previously available. The service is free to any artist that Pandora plays.

The major data points that an artist can now track are
  • which cities have the most fans that listen to the songs, which are included in an interactive heat map
  • the number of "Thumbs Up," which is Pandora's version of the Facebook Like
  • the basic demographics of the people that listen to their tracks or make playlists contain their music
About 80% of artists on Pandora don't receive terrestrial radio airplay, so this is a way for them to receive some valuable data that they wouldn't ordinarily be able to get.

Information is power in the music business, just like in any other business. By knowing where most of the fans are, an artist can better plan tours. By knowing which songs best resonate with the fans, an artist knows how to plan sets or even what musical direction to follow.

It may not be more money, but AMP is something that can valuable nonetheless.

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