Sunday, October 5, 2014

5 Reasons Why A Music Attorney Won't Shop Your Demo

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Music lawyers have been the key to getting a record deal for years, as they've been a trusted source by the record labels. Most lawyers will agree to shop a demo, as it can mean more business for them if the project is picked up. It's not an automatic though, and there are 10 reasons why, according to an article on Hypebot by music attorney Mita Carriman of the Carriman Law Group. It's definitely a post worth reading in its entirety and you should follow the link to do that, but I thought I'd paraphrase some of the reasons here as well.

1. You cold-called the attorney. That could work, but usually an introduction from a mutual friend helps speed the process. Even better, pay to engage the attorney to shop the recordings.

2. Your tracks aren't ready. They're not fully produced or don't show you in the best light, or the attorney just doesn't feel good about showing them yet. Don't fret, just go back and either rerecord or polish what you have, depending upon the feedback you get.

3. You're using uncleared samples. Lawyers are very keen on having all the paperwork in order before moving forward with anything. Get this done first, or pay the attorney to do it for you.

4. You don't have an online presence. You're not real as an artist or band until there's at least something online to point to. Record labels sign an act for their audience or potential audience, not their music, so the more views or followers you have, the more compelling the case to sign you is.

5. The attorney doesn't like your music. They're putting their reputation on the line by showing your music to someone, and they're just not going to do that if they don't like your material.

Read Mita Carriman's article called 10 Reasons Why A Music Attorney Won't Shop Your Demo for a first person perspective.

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