Sunday, September 28, 2014

How Students Listen To Spotify

College student listening
Spotify did an interesting survey to discover how students listened to its network in 40 colleges across the United States. There are distinct listening trends at almost every school, but here's some of what they found.

  • Peak listening time is at 4PM for every school.
  • Virginia Polytech, University of Minnesota, University of Georgia and University of Alabama play the happiest songs.
  • Texas A&M follows musical trends more than any other school.
  • Ohio State listens to the most classical music.
  • University of Alabama listens to country music at twice the rate of other schools.
  • University of Pennsylvania, University of Florida, and University of Minnesota Twin Cities listen to the most latin music.
  • University of Washington listens to the longest, most instrumental music.
  • NYU students get an hours less sleep than everywhere else and listen to more slowcore and hipster playlists.

What does this mean? You can use the info to target a particular school or area if they tend to like the type of music you play.

You can discover more from this great study, including the most popular artists by school, by going to How Students Listen.

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J.Soul said...

Just recently started using Spotify in Canada - would love to see this sort of data for Canadian universities! Keep up the great work, Bobby - love reading your blog.

I've started a blog centered around marketing and music, would love your feedback. Link is in my name!


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