Monday, July 28, 2014

TuneCore Launches New Artist Services Portal

TuneCore logo image
TuneCore is expanding its services by launching their Artist Services Portal and debuting an analysis tool called Track Smarts. The company's new offerings are part of an effort to compete with other full-service artist portals like Bandcamp and Nimbit.

Artist Services provides tools for promotion, website building, merchandise management and fan engagement through third party services that are available at special pricing to TuneCore users.

Track Smarts is powered by SoundOut, which is a music research tool used by record labels and radio groups to help determine the market potential of new songs. Track Smarts can be used by an artist to help determine what songs on an album are the strongest, plus to help provide insights on the best demographic to target for the greatest success.

While there are many artist portals that already offer merch and fan management, Track Smarts is actually a pretty interesting feature. It's available in 3 tiers, ranging from the Starter at $15 per song, Enhanced at $40 per song, and Premium at $115 per song.

This might be a little too rich for most indie artists to absorb, but it's still less expensive than anywhere else for the same services, even directly from SoundOut. Either way, it's worth checking out.

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