Sunday, July 6, 2014

How Much Does Your Favorite Artist Cost?

Kid Rock goes for $200k to $300k
Let's say that you're wealthy and about to throw a big birthday shindig and want want to hire your favorite artist or band. If money was no object, how much would it cost?

An interesting article on lays out the retail prices of artists in most genres and price categories. The lists are really long, so go to the site to find your favorite artist, but here's a sampling.

Superstar Level at $1 million+
Bruce Springsteen
James Taylor (didn't realize he was in this price range)
Bon Jovi
Justin Bieber
Justin Timberlake
Taylor Swift
Dave Mathews Band

Lady Gaga

Black Eyed Peas
Foo Fighters
Rascal Flatts

Blake Shelton
Alicia Keys
50 Cent

Adam Lambert
Bare Naked Ladies
Colbie Calliet
Lana del Ray

$30k to $50k
Ben Folds
Cheap Trick
Joan Jett
Trombone Shorty

$20k to $30k
Aloe Black (this is probably higher now since the hits keep coming)
George Clinton
Los Lobos
Macy Gray

$10k to $20k
The Crystal Method
Vanessa Carlton

$1k to $10k
Bo Brice
Dave Mathews Tribute Band
Kings X
The Bodeans

There are hundreds more listed that you can check out on Remember that these are retail prices, with the actual booking price sometimes much less than what's indicated, depending upon the situation.

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