Thursday, June 26, 2014

Teens Not Abandoning Facebook After All

Forrester Facebook Teen Study image
It appears that all the noise about teens leaving Facebook for newer social networks are untrue. A new report from Forrester Research indicates that teen involvement with the platform is actually growing.

The study found that 80% of teens still use Facebook and are more active on the network than any other platform by far, and more than half of the respondents (all between 12 and 17) said they use it more than they did a year ago.

Here are some other points made clear by the study:
  • YouTube had the highest adoption rate with teens at just over 80%
  • Instagram is next with around 50%
  • Google+ and Twitter were around 45%
  • Snapchat is next with just under 40%
  • WhatsApp, which was supposed to be the Facebook killer with teens, comes in last at 20%
While Facebook itself concedes that there has been a slight deep in teen usage, it appears that the platform is in no danger of losing that important demographic.


Sean Heimbuch said...

What makes this even more interesting is that Facebook acquired Instagram and WhatsApp for ridiculous sums of money. So that might help explain why teens remain there. It looks like Google+ and Facebook are going to be the two major social media outlets, other then Twitter, for about as long as they have the money to buy up all the contenders.

Sean Heimbuch said...

As an aside, it was reported that Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion, but the offer was rejected. Nice to see someone trying to take a stand against a forming conglomerate, but Facebook will be hard to beat. In the realm of social media, it's practically an institution.


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