Thursday, March 13, 2014

Which Streaming Service Is The Leader?

Spotify gets so much press and hype that we automatically think of it as the streaming service with the most listeners.

That's far from the truth though, as a new study from Edison Research shows that Pandora, at 31% of American listeners, is clearly the leader by a factor of 3 of the next competitor, as shown by this infographic from Statista.

What's probably more interesting is the fact that iHeartRadio is second with 9% and the relatively new iTunes Radio is right behind with 8%. Spotify follows in 4rth place at 6%.

What's not included is YouTube, which may in fact have a far larger audience than Pandora, if other studies and empirical evidence is true.

We're in the early days of streaming adoption, so expect this chart to be fluid. It very may be totally scrambled next year at this time.

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