Monday, December 2, 2013

Outside The Box With "24 Hours Of Happy"

There's not much that can grab us anymore when it comes to music videos. We've seen big budget productions come and go and come back again. We've seen fan generated videos, lyric videos, full album streams over a single graphic, comic videos, serious videos and everything in between, so it takes a lot to capture our attention. That's why Pharrell Williams' "24 Hours Of Happy" is so unique.

If you've not seen it yet, "24 Hours Of Happy" is really a 24 hour video that takes place on the streets of Los Angeles with a wide variety of people dancing and lip synching to Williams' song "Happy." It was actually shot over 11 days with over 400 people over 8 miles of LA streets.

It's a catchy song, an interesting concept, and thinking outside the box. Here's a video of the first hour.


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