Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How To Embed Sound Clips In Your Photos

Shuttersong image
Did you ever want to add audio to a picture but didn't want to mess with hassle of importing it into a video editor? Now you can do it easily with a new service called Shuttersong that allows you to embed sound into your jpeg images.

Shuttersong allows you to take a photo when immediately add sound from your phone or music from your library. You can also take existing images from the web and add audio as well. The soundtrack is limited to 15 seconds, which is more than it seems.

Although many will use it with music, it could be really useful to just describe the context of the photo, especially for a pro photographer. Consider a sort of audio metadata.

The app fills the gap between Instagram and YouTube. The app was just launched in October and already has nearly a million users. Give it a look at

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