Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Piece Of The Music Business Evolves

NARM-MBA image
It’s rare when a trade association reinvents itself. After all, they mostly fall into the same trap as most corporations, trying to maintain the status quo rather than experiencing the change needed to keep growing. Associations, like many companies, generally don’t want to experience the pain that evolution can bring, even if it’s in it’s own best self-interest.

That’s why the re-branding of NARM (the National Association of Recording Merchandisers) to become the Music Business Association is so impressive. The board recognized that we live in a totally different world than when the association began in 1958, and it needed more than just a coat of paint to be relevant to its members in our current Music 4.0 world.

The new Music Business Association will divide its attention around six sectors that now make up the new music business: digital products, information technology, physical products, knowledge, management, touring and legal/business affairs. This division recognizes that the music business has evolved to become far more than just selling music products in brick and mortar stores as when it began. Addressing these different sectors also acknowledges that the in order to grow, the organization has to represent more areas of the music business than just retail, which really was at the core of NARM in its previous iteration. Read more on Forbes.

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