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Our 2013 Online World According To Nielsen

Top 10 image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blog
It's always fun to look inside the Nielsen Interactive numbers to see if you can find the significance. In the charts below you'll find the usage numbers for January 2013. Take a look at the first chart of the top 10 entertainment sites.

Top 10 Entertainment Sites
Rank     Brand                            Unique Audience     Time Per Person (hh:mm:ss)
1          YouTube                           124,073,000               1:57:28
2          iTunes                                 44,965,000               1:11:58
3          Comcast Ent sites                 33,825,000               0:54:42
4          Yahoo! Sports Websites        32,581,000               0:25:02
5          IMDb                                  29,783,000               0:17:49
6          Netflix                                 28,076,000               0:46:31
7          ESPN Digital Network          27,366,000               1:02:05
8          Omg! Websites                     25,298,000               0:08:55
9          VEVO                                  25,204,000               0:07:54
10 on MSN      24,385,000               0:09:59

Of course, what immediately catches your eye is the fact that YouTube (in red) was watched more than the others. It's significant that iTunes isn't all that far behind. If you factor in the fact that Apple's iRadio streaming network will be implemented sometime during the summer, this chart could look a lot different in 6 months. Also, if you combine all the sports sites (Comcast, Yahoo Sports, ESPN and FoxSports), it shows that sports is bigger entertainment sector than anything else, with nearly 2:30 of viewing.

Top 10 Web Brands by Unique Audience (U.S. Total)

Rank     Brand                          Unique Audience     Time Per Person (hh:mm:ss)
1           Google                                   170,629,000     2:05:30
2           Facebook                                145,297,000     6:41:44
3           Yahoo!                                   135,100,000     2:32:52
4           YouTube                                124,073,000     1:57:28
5           MSN/WindowsLive/Bing         123,133,000     1:15:40
6           Microsoft                                  86,986,000     0:47:26
7           Amazon                                    84,735,000     0:38:14
8           AOL Media Network                 83,826,000     2:09:36
9           Wikipedia                                 76,310,000     0:24:25
10         Ask Network                             69,447,000     0:12:30

No surprise here that Facebook leads the way in stickiness, with nearly 3 times the amount as the next in line. Everyone complains about Facebook, but we still use it a lot.

Average U.S. Internet Usage for January 2013
Metrics                                            Total
Sessions/Visits per Person                   62
Domains Visited per Person                96
Web Page Views per Person            2417
Duration of a Web Page viewed       0:01:12
Online Time per Person                   29:10:34
No. of People Who Went Online      208,703,000
No. of People with Internet access    276,778,307

What's interesting about this chart is the fact that we don't stay too long on most websites that we visit, which makes the Facebook number in the previous chart all the more impressive. Also, with a total US population of 313 million, it's pretty interesting that 208 million of them went online in January, and 276 million of them have Internet access. Yes, it is almost everywhere.


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Laura Bergells said...


iTunes isn't even close to YouTube! YouTube is getting almost 3 times the viewership of iTunes, and enjoys far, far more time per person.

Please fix -- surely this is a typo?


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