Monday, January 28, 2013

Google+ Is Now #2

Top 25 Social Networks image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blogIt was only a matter of time, but Google+ is now the second most used social network world-wide, according to a study of network activity in December by Trendstream. While Facebook had 693 active users, Google+ followed with 343 million. YouTube was third with 280 million.

But YouTube is owned by Google, right? You can make a case that we could combine the numbers for Google+ and YouTube, but that would still give you only 623 million, a good 70 million short of Facebook. That said, don't forget that there's been a huge swing to online work tools like Google Docs, which might make up the difference.

The problem with the Google numbers is that although everything is listed as active usage, in many cases people are interacting with Google and being listed as active without even knowing it. When you're interacting with a YouTube video, you're being listed as part of the social network, for instance. Is watching a video an active or passive pursuit? It depends upon how you look at it, or measure it.

Then again, it's difficult to be sure what constitutes an active user on Facebook or any other network either. If you have Facebook on an open tab of your browser all day, does that constitute as active? That's why we shouldn't get all that wrapped up in the number details of any study, but instead just look at the overall trend. That means that Facebook is still king of the hill, but Google+ now can easily claim #2.

You can find some great additional info in an article at Forbes.


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