Monday, July 9, 2012

Chuck D's 5 Tips For Music Industry Survival

Chuck D image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blog
Chuck D has been one of the most influential rappers ever, acting as a spokesperson for the state of the urban black man through his powerful lyrics in Public Enemy. In a series of tweets, Chuck lays out his tips for music industry survival. These apply to everyone trying to make it in the business.
Rule #1: Don't let other people's money distort your goals. Their shit has nothing to do with you. Be thankful and work with what you got. 
Rule #2: Don't spend more than you make.What you don't know you'll have to partner up or pay for. What you save is what you make. 
Rule #3: Celebrity and artists are two different things. You can be a celeb, but that's like winning the lottery. Make yourself valuable to something. 
Rule #4: It's easy to make recordings now but learn how to perform your art very well. So well that when people see you they undeniably have no words. 
Rule #5: Always top yourself. Put the AWE in audience. If the crowd feels they can do better than you, why would they take the time and money to be bothered?
Sadly, Public Enemy seems to have fallen out of fashion these days, as boasting about how great you are seems to top social commentary. Still, Chuck's words about the music business are wise and worth taking heed.
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Anonymous said...

PE is back on top! Right after you posted this article, they released a new video and it is getting lots of love around the world. I hope the album sells well, cause the world needs way more Chuck Ds!

Bobby Owsinski said...

Very much agree with you on this.


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