Monday, January 2, 2012

People Watch Longer On Tablets

Viewer Engagement Graph 2011 image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blogHere's a number that shouldn't come as a shock - tablet users have a longer video engagement than desktop or phone users. A company named Ooyala recently completed a study that determined that tablet users watched 28 percent longer than the desktop average.

They also found that tablet viewers are more than twice as likely to finish a video than on a desktop, which was about 30 percent higher than that of mobile devices.

The study also found that desktops and laptops are more likely to be used for short video clips, whereas videos that are 10 minutes or longer make up 30 percent of the hours watched on mobile devices, 42 percent on tablets, and nearly 75 percent on connected TV devices and game consoles.

It also determined that Android and iOS devices make up 90 percent of the video hours for tablets and mobile devices, where the iPad is king, at least for now. iPads were responsible for 99.4 percent of displays, 97.7 percent of total plays, and 95.7 percent of total hours streamed.

In a bit of a surprise, Facebook has jumped into third place among the biggest video platforms, with an estimated 51.6 million people watching videos on Facebook in July when the study was done. Ooyala also found that Facebook is across the board a more popular means of sharing video than its social media rival, Twitter. In the U.S., for every one video shared on Twitter, over eight are shared on Facebook, but that varies widely depending on the region. In Japan, there’s a 1:1 ratio, whereas in Italy Facebook is 17 times more popular.

To read the full Ooyala’s study, download it out here.
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