Monday, December 19, 2011

Google Updates Google+

We knew it would only be a matter of time before Google began to implement some of the requests that its Google+ users were asking for, and that time has come already, as the company has announced a number of new enhancements for the service. Here are 4 new features that you can begin to use now.

1. One of the new features is called the “Volume Control” (which has nothing to do with audio level), that lets you fine-tune your streams and decide whether you want to see more or less items from a particular circle in your main stream.

2. Google+ Photos have been upgraded with a new lightbox that boasts improved navigation and photo-tagging. The new lightbox also puts more emphasis on the actual photos, with the navigation elements mostly being tucked out of the way (as seen in the video below).

3. Google+ Pages have also been updated with a couple of new features. Artists or bands using Pages can now delegate up to 50 people as administrators for a Page. Furthermore, these designated managers will now be included in all the activity that takes place on a Page, making it easier for them to follow what’s going on.

4. Finally, Google has redesigned the notifications in its Google Bar, which appear as red icons on the right side of the Bar. Click on the little red box, and you’ll see snippets that make it easy to see what’s happening on your Google+ profile, including all the +1s and shares you’ve recently received.

While Facebook shows no sign of massive defections, Google+ is coming on strong. The fact that they're able to add new features so early in the service's life cycle is definitely encouraging.
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