Monday, July 25, 2011

The Anatomy Of A Hit - Old School

Here's something I caught on Hypebot today. It's basically a promo piece for The Band Perry that was sent out by Universal Republic Records with the deceptive name "The Anatomy of a Hit Record." Now I can't say I've ever heard of the band (although they've had 3 hit singles and a 2x platinum album) but I don't keep on top of country music.

But that's the not the point. What this promo shows is how little has changed in the major label music world. Look at what they talk about - lots of radio adds, and Grammy and award show nominations. There's nothing here about social media except for the number of video views they received, of which most of them came from the label owned Vevo. Nothing about blogs, Twitter or Facebook followers, just more of the same thinking that major labels have had for 50 years. This could just as easily been sent out in 1979 as today.

The fact is that The Band Perry was a total inside job from the beginning as they were discovered by Garth Brooks management and immediately injected into the major label system. I wonder how much promotion money Universal spent on them buying all those radio adds?

Nothing against the band as I hope they have continued success, but you just hope to see at least some evidence of Music 3.0 thinking at a major label once in a while.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To be fair, The Band Perry is a country act and the target audience for country music is much less active in social media. And like you said, "they've had 3 hit singles and a 2x platinum album". With numbers like that, it's hard to argue that their record label doesn't know what it's doing.

cheers, Marcello


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