Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Should Lip-Syncing Videos Be Illegal?

One of the things that non-musicians love to do is make videos where they lip-synch to their favorite song. And it's not just kids either; there may be as many 30 year olds as 8 year olds doing it. While this all may seem innocent enough, it's actually a copyright violation, and the new U.S. Senate bill 978 would toughen the copyright laws and make it illegal to upload lip-synced videos.

Just as an example, this kid has over 40 million views for his lip-sync of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream."

Up until now most record labels would let a lip-sync like this one slide or at worst issue a take-down notice where YouTube or the posting service would delete it. However, the new bill would take the penalty a new level, like up to five years in prison, even if you're not making any money!

There are several schools of thought on this:
   * From the record label: "This is a copyright violation. They're illegally using our song without paying us."

  * From the Music 3.0 artist: "This is great promotion. Fans like my song enough to make like they're singing it."

  * From the fan: "I'm just having a little fun. I'm not making any money on this and I'm not hurting anybody."

Which one do you agree with?
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1 comment:

Alex Shuffell said...

Is making lip sync videos illegal the primary reason for this bill, or just a negative consequence? The way I see it is the 'artists' get free advertising, fans have fun, Youtube and who ever get to sell more advertising. The only people getting hurt are the drag queens and other socially unusual people.


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