Monday, April 18, 2011

12 Amazing YouTube Facts

YouTube has become much more than a site where you can watch amusing videos. It's now a major distribution point for music, and its value as a taste maker is now unparalleled. In fact, the site has such amazing statistics that they've dedicated an entire page to it. Here are must some of the more interesting stats.

1) 35 hours of video footage is uploaded to the site every minuteA staggering amount to be sure.

2) Over 13 million hours of footage was uploaded in 2010. I guess it's safe to say that no one watched it all.

3) More video is uploaded every 60 days than the three major US television networks produced in 60 years. 

4) Each week, YouTube receives the equivalent of 115,000 full-length feature films in uploads

5) 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the U.S. This one's a surprise as we tend to think of YouTube as more of a United States phenomena.

6) YouTube is localized in 25 countries across 43 languages

7.) The base age demographic for YouTube is 18-54. This skews a lot older than people tend to think.

8.) Over 2 billion videos are viewed every day. Again, a staggering amount considering that there are only 5 billion people on the planet.

9) YouTube Mobile gets over 100 million views per day. This seems like a huge amount (and it is), but it's still only 5% of the total number of YouTube views.
10) In 2010, there were over 700 billion video playbacks

11) A full 10% of YouTube videos are in HD

12) There are 7,000 hours of full-length movies and television episodes available on YouTube
 Yes, there's more, so tomorrow, Part 2.
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Madalyn said...

Thanks for sharing this. I found it to be quite eye opening. I think musicians really need to make YouTube a big part of their online marketing. In the U.S. it's ranked #4 behind Yahoo, Facebook and Google. And globally, it's #3.


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