Monday, March 14, 2011

The Marketing Of DeadClubs

I always love marketing ideas that find a product niche where there wasn't one before, where you hit yourself in the head and say, "Why didn't I think of that?" Well, here's a good one, and it's called "DeadClubs." is a site that offers new T-shirts from popular clubs from around the country that have long been closed. It's a great idea because enough people remember those clubs that whenever anyone shows up with a seemingly vintage T-shirt in prime condition, it always sparks interest. It's an automatic conversation starter. is a work obviously in progress, as many of the other aspects of it such as "Dead Vinyl" and "Dead Air" aren't populated yet, but you can see where they're going with it. I bet this becomes a thriving little business in no time.

So if you're an artist or band, how can you use a similar idea? How about a T-shirt connecting your band at a show at a revered but long gone local club (make sure you get permission first, though)? How about a tour T-shirt at all the favorite dead clubs (maybe you can ask DeadClubs for help)? Why stop at venues. How about an association with old radio stations, record stores, pizza parlors, etc. (again, it's important to ask for permission first)?

The idea is to have something other than a normal artist or band T-shirt; one that strikes some extra interest or controversy. Anything that starts up a conversation with your name in it is the goal.

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