Sunday, February 27, 2011

Radiohead And The Quest For Higher Quality Audio

Radiohead's last release, In Rainbows, was a watershed moment in Music 3.0 in that they asked their fans to pay whatever amount they wanted, and were rewarded with more sales for more money than they ever anticipated.

This time around for their new album The King Of Limbs, the band is taking a different approach, this time charging a fixed price, but with a twist.

1) There are two distinct products - a digital only product, and what they call the world's first "Newspaper Album," which consists of two clear vinyl records, a CD, large and small pieces of artwork, plus the digital downloads.

2) The digital downloads only are available in two flavors - MP3 for $9 and WAV for $14. The digital portion of Newspaper Album also dictates the price, with the MP3 price set at $48 and the WAV price at $53.

It will be very interesting to see just what portion of the buying public opts for the higher resolution product. Hopefully, their fans will surprise us all and go for the quality, but don't hold your breath. Whatever the result, Radiohead is once again on the cutting edge of Music 3.0.

Visit the Radiohead King Of Limbs site for more information.


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1 comment:

Sigurd├│r Gu├░mundsson said...

HQ downloads cutting edge?

High res/HQ lossless downloads have been an option for quite some while at for awhile. I buy the lossless formats when ever I can.

I wish Radiohead had gone with AIFF files rather than WAV. The metadata/tagging gets stripped from the WAV files when imported into iTunes.


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