Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Concept Of "Fuelers"

I read an interesting article by Jed Cohen on the Rockethub blog a while back about Fuelers, a concept that I wasn't familiar with but is worth knowing about, especially if you're interesting in crowdfunding. In case you weren't aware, Rockethub is a leading crowdfunding site, and just like CD Baby, they have a separate site that teaches you how to take advantage of their site.

In Rockethub parlance, Fuelers are contributors to your crowdfunding project. That being said, Jed has broken down Fuelers into three categories.

The vast majority of your Fuelers will be people you already know. They are your friends, family and fans. These are people who already know and trust you. For most projects, the number of strangers who become Fuelers is fairly low. That being said, all Fuelers will fall into one of the following three categories:
1. The Committed - already committed to supporting you when they arrive
2. The Inspired - become inspired to support you after they arrive
3. The Shoppers - will shop (and tangentially support you)

Category #1, the Committed, will be populated with your First Degree Network of friends and family. These are folks who will support you every time, regardless of the project, or it’s quality. Your parents are likely a good example.

Category #2, the Inspired, will be populated with other friends and family members, your Second Degree Network. These are people whom you invite to the project page. They are not committed to contributing when they arrive, but after watching your video or reading your project description, they decide that you are up to something great! They become inspired to support you. Some strangers may fall into this category, but a friend you see occasionally is likely a better example.

Category #3, the Shoppers, will be populated with everyone else (ie. your Third Degree Network. In order for your project to grab friends-of-friends and strangers, you’ll need to grab the shoppers as well. The best way to do this is by creating rewards that are interesting and/or a good value.
If you think about it, the Fueler concept also applies an artist or band's audience.

The Committed are your "tribe" (as best selling marketer Seth Godin calls them). These are your most passionate fans that will go to any lengths to attend a show or buy a product.

The Inspired are your "casual" audience; the ones that like you, but don't love you. It may only take a single great song to push the casual fan into the committed category.

The Shoppers are the part of the audience that really likes your genre or even sub-genre of music, but either hasn't been properly exposed to you or just hasn't caught the fever yet.

Your first job as an artist is to take care of your most passionate members (the Committed or your tribe) first, since they frequently bring the Inspired or casual fan into the tribe just with their enthusiasm.

Spending too much time on the Shoppers of the audience can take too much attentional away from the fans that really matter, and you may never win them over anyway. In short, take care of the fans that are already in your corner first. If treated well, they may be your fans forever.

Read Jed's entire post here.

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I als0o read the Rockethub blog by Jed Cohen. Thanks for realistic post what is helpful for human being.


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