Monday, December 27, 2010

Ask For The Sale

image from t2.gstatic.comThere was an article on Hypebot a few weeks ago by Peter Tanham of Amp Music Marketing regarding "call to action" buy buttons. Amp Music Marketing decided to test a number of buttons to see which was most effective when it came to selling music. The choices were:

"Get The Music"
"Download The Music"
"Buy The Music"

It turns out that the most effective was the most direct "Buy The Music (album, CD, etc)" while "Get The Music" was the least. It seems that consumers relate "Get The Music" to a bait and switch in which they're lured into clicking only to find that there's something additionally asked of them.

When it comes to sales, sometimes the very best technique is the most direct. Ask plainly for the sale. If your fan or customer really wants to buy from you, you're doing them a favor by making the process streamlined and easy. If your fan or customer is unsure, you're not helping the cause by being ambiguous.

And another thing. Keep the choices to a maximum of 3 (two works best). If given too large a variety of choices, the customer is likely to throw his hands up in the air in frustration and not buy anything!

Read the entire article here.

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