Tuesday, September 7, 2010

15 Email "Do's"

There's no doubt that email is an important part of an artist's social strategy, but sometimes a poorly thought-out mail can be worse than none at all. The following comes from clickz.com, and are worth checking out before you hit the send button on your next blast.

Here are 15 moves every e-mail marketer should include:
  • Know why your consumer should sign up for your e-mails
  • Use intrigue versus incentive
  • Build up "reverse preferences" (track what people do and don't do)
  • Run subject line tests
  • Use social media to drive up open rates
  • Test
  • Analyze
  • Use Web designers
  • Use clear calls to action
  • Keep important content/messages above the fold
  • Respect image blocking and the preview pane
  • Render tests
  • Create an iron-clad e-mail production process with tasks, individuals, and days of the week associated with each milestone
  • Run a test with every send – and (this is key) share your results with your stakeholders for short-term visibility; archive them for long-term learnings
  • Ask yourself these three questions:
    1. What is this e-mail about?
    2. Why do my subscribers care?
    3. What do they do about it?

If you keep the above in mind, you're email blast will always have a purpose and get the results you're looking for.

Once again, you can find the full text to the post here.

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