Sunday, June 20, 2010

Top 10 Social Media Websites And Forums

I found this post on the Drop Ship News blog and it mostly pertains to e-commerce, but we can still learn a lot from hit. Some of these are not a surprise but there are some that are under the radar. The following is from data acquired from Marketing Charts and Hitwise and represents the current top 10 social networking sites and forums.

1. Facebook: 54.90%. Are we really surprised to see that Facebook is the Numero Uno social website? Probably not. With over 500 million members and still growing by leaps and bounds, Facebook is incredibly popular. Make no mistake about it, Facebook appeals to younger members, but there is also a large demographic of older members as well.

2. YouTube: 16.02%. Another hugely popular site, especially since online video viewing is HOT. Nowhere close to Facebook’s market share, but definitely nothing to sneeze at in terms of a good place for social media marketing.

3. MySpace: 11.9%. This may come as something of a surprise to people who thought that the popularity of MySpace was waning. There is also an International version of MySpace, as well as a Latino version.

4. Twitter: 1.07%. Really? Can this be true? One would think that considering the tremendous popularity of tweeting and Twitter, it would have commanded a heftier percentage of the market share, but apparently not. Who knew?

5. Tagged: 1.01%. This one bills itself as being all about social discovery, meeting new people and staying in touch with people you already know.

6. Yahoo! Answers: 0.91%. You might no think of this as a social community, but it is certainly a community with a large member base. The benefit here to someone wanting to use this site for social media marketing is that by answering questions asked by other members, you can achieve varying levels of expertise until you are deemed an expert in a category, which could be helpful in establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.

7. Yahoo! Profiles: 0.62%. Basically a place to post your Yahoo profile and share it with other Yahoo members.

8. MyYearbook: 0.61%. This one does seem to be geared more toward a youthful audience, and might be worth your while for marketing if this age group is your targeted demographic.

9. Windows Live Home: 0.46%. Okay, this one is more or less a place to bring Windows Live services together, all in one place.

10. MocoSpace: 0.34%. Again, seems to be mostly for a young age group. It probably gains much appeal by being accessible on mobile devices.

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