Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Measuring Influence

Once again, here are parts of a post from The Social Media Examiner that discusses social media measurement. This time, it's all about influence. You can have lots of friends, fans, readers, and whatever else you want to call them, but if you have little influence with them then are they really your fans?

Although the article discussed companies and brands, I've changed it a little to better represent music.


This category gets into a bit of a soft space for measurement. Influence is a subjective metric that relies on your band's perspective for definition. Basically, you want to look at whether the engagement metrics listed in the first article are positive, neutral or negative in sentiment. In other words, did your campaign influence positive vibes toward the band or did it create bad mojo?
You can also use automated tools like TwitalyzerSocial MentionRadian 6 or ScoutLabs to make it a little easier, but ALWAYS do a manual check to validate any sentiment results. Influence is generally displayed as a percentage of positive, neutral and negative sentiment, which is then applied in relation to the engagement metrics and to the metrics for reach where applicable.
A great application for influence is to look at the influence by those who engaged with your band in the above categories. Do you have a nice mix of big players with large audiences engaging with your band, as well as the average Joe with a modest following?
If not, your influence pendulum may be about to tip over, because it’s important that you spend time engaging with both influential users and your average userNote: many of the automated tools that track sentiment and influence are not free. And many times, you will need a combination of tools to measure all of the different social media channels.

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