Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Giant List Of Keyword Search Tools - Part 2

As I said in the post from a couple of days ago, keywords are the key to being discovered on today's web. Here's Part 2 of a great list of keyword search tools that I came across on the Search Engine Land site. Check out some tips on how to best use your keywords in this previous post.

  • GoRank Ontology Finder (Related Keywords Lookup Tool) – Checks the top 1000 Google results for your keywords by running a related word query. Not really for synonyms but rather other words in that topic.
  • Google Trends – See search terms and activity around certain topics.
  • With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.
  • Google Sets – Enter a few items from a set of things and Google will try to predict other items in the set. Can be handy to uncover terms related to your keywords.
Synonyms & word meanings
  • Thesaurus.com – You can’t beat the basic thesaurus for finding terms.
  • Princeton University’s WordNet lexicon tool goes beyond the thesaurus and really drives into the different meanings of specified words.
  • Lexical FreeNet – A powerful tool that shows the relationship between words.
Typos and misspellings
Keyword Manipulation
  • SEO Tools Bad Keyword & Number Stripper – Use this tool to remove bad keywords from your keyword lists.
  • AdWords Wrapper – Simply enter a list of keyword phrases and the Google AdWords Wrapper will turn it into 4 separate lists; a combination of broad, phrase and exact match, a combination of phrase and exact match, phrase match only, and exact match only.
  • Jumbo Keyword tool – A myriad of features such as auto-lowercase, auto-dedupe, delete blank lines, create phrase, exact, and broad match versions of keywords. Make sure to click the advanced tab for the most options.
  • iwebTools Quick Dedupe – Paste in a list of terms and it will quickly remove duplications

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