Monday, February 8, 2010

The Importance Of A Short Release Cycle

If you've read my book, "Music 3.0: A Survival Guide To Making Music In the Internet Age," you know that one of the things that I recommend to artists and bands is to release music in a far more timely manner than we're used to today. In order to stay relevant to their fans, an artist must release a song or two at least every quarter (preferably every 6 to 8 weeks). This keeps the fans involved and has the added benefit of giving the fans a chance to absorb each song, instead of gravitating to only one or two when an album is released. Indeed, the days of the 2 year wait in between albums is over if an artist wants to keep his fan-base.

Now it seems that Warner Nashville has gotten the message and is now prepared to release 6 song albums on a more regular basis.  In face, Warner's is dividing Blake Shelton's "Hillbilly Bone" as a "Six Pak," a 6 song album of new material to be released on March 2 that will be followed by another six-song release in August.

Warner Music Nashville SVP of Sales and Marketing Peter Strickland told Billboard that the Six Pak will enable artists "to deliver music to [fans] on a much more regular basis at a value price package." The only thing they've not told us yet is how much the package will cost, which will be a major key to its success.


Wicked D said...

I definitely agree on at least quarterly releases. I'm trying to get the artists I work with to commit to a 3 song digital release per quarter.

One of my strategies is what I call "music as a marketing tool" in which an artist releases 12 digital songs per year (3 per quarter), then ends the year with a physical compilation package. Just an idea.

Bobby Owsinski said...

An excellent idea it is, and is the one outlined in the "Music 3.0" book. More music, more often is the new standard.


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