Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rock Still Isn't Dead According To A New Study

Music genresWe keep on hearing that rock is dead as a music genre, but that's not the case at all, according to a study by Nielsen Music. Surprising, rock came out on top when it comes to genres of music that people consumed in the US during 2015.

If you listen to the radio, pop music dominates, but it's only #3 when it comes to favorite music. Also surprising was the fact that country and dance/EDM scored lower than other genres.

Here's what the study found.

   Rock 29%
   R&B/Hip Hop 17.2%
   Pop 14.9%
   Country 11.2%
   Dance / EDM 3.4%
   Christian Gospel 3.1%
   Holiday / Seasonal 2.6%
   Latin 2.6%
   Jazz 1.4%
   Classical 1.4%
   Children 1%

It just goes to show that in these days of music consumption online, it's more difficult than ever to determine what's really hot and what's really not.

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MrMusician said...

I personally never heard that rock was dead, maybe because I am a musician surrounded by people that love rock music. I don't think it will ever die since everyone has the opportunity to keep listening to their favorite bands in all the ever-growing streaming sites. I know I have discovered so many new rock bands in the last few years. One thing I have discovered is that fans of this particular genre are very loyal and won't stop following their idols and spreading the word of good bands in the scene. I grew up listening to rock because my brother was such a fan. Whenever I encounter a new rock band or whenever I feel nostalgia about a song of an old band I would post it on Facebook for more people to see. I mean, how can rock ever be dead? all the uncountable subgenres coming from it will preserve their roots. I love how Guns and Roses got together again and are bringing all the attention to plain rock and roll again. The success and press they are having now after all these years is pretty impressive.


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