Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Patrick Mahoney From Manhead Merch On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Blog imageIf you're in the music business you've heard how increasingly important merchandise is to the revenue stream of an artist.

My guest on this week's Inner Circle Podcast is Patrick Mahoney of Manhead Merch, who's going to tell use about how merch licensing deals work, as well as what the hot merch is these days.

In the intro I'll discuss how Warner Music and Sony Music plan to give back at least some of the profits to their artists if and when Spotify goes public. I'll also give some tips for setting up that cool mastering compressor plugin that you probably have but were afraid to use.

Remember that you can find the podcast at BobbyOInnerCircle.com, or either on iTunes, Stitcher and now on Mixcloud and Google Play.

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