Thursday, January 14, 2016

Who's The Biggest Label?

Major record labels imageWith the latest Nielsen music figures in for 2015, we begin to see the full picture of the music industry. One piece is how the major labels fit into the grand scheme of things, and Nielsen kindly hands us that info in a very digestible way.

So what's the market share of the majors and indies?

1. Universal Music Group has the largest market share by far at 38.5%

2. Sony Music is second at 29.5%

3. Warner Music Group comes in last at 18.7%.

4. Indie labels come in last at 12.6% of the market.

Indie labels can be looked at another way though. That 12.6% is for labels that are wholly operated and distributed. If you look add indie labels who have distribution through one of the majors, you find that their market share soars to 34.4% of the business.

Although most of the money is made by the 3 remaining majors, indie labels are still the lifeblood of the industry, and play an important part in the development of new artists.

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